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The church in Durham is changing...

In the not so distant past we’ve been divided by walls of mutual indifference, with little communication between fellowships and even less cooperation for the sake of the gospel. But in the last couple of years a wonderful thaw has begun to take place. Among several joint ventures springing up are, Healing On The Streets, StreetLights and Sanctuary 21 (a 24/7 Prayer Boiler Room). Jesus is moving among us and bringing us together!

The BURN is one of these green shoots that’s bearing fruit. It’s the meeting point of prophetic signposts given over several years, and relationship connections that the Holy Spirit has sovereignly brought about. It is truly a work of God and not of man. We could not have organised this to happen if we’d tried. We’re being led by God into uncharted territory and it’s just awesome! We’re a growing number of hungry local believers, from several churches, joining together on a monthly basis to seek Jesus Wonderful Face in extended times of praise and worship. We are learning to press in for the manifestation of His Glory, and to release prayer in intercession over our city and region. It’s been good so far, but we can taste the promise of much more to come.

Keith and Sanna Luker ploughed up the ground and sowed the first seeds among us in 2008. Since then we have been SO blessed by a flow of anointed ministries parachuting in as fire-starters, among them Sean Feucht and Kevin Prosch. These guys are releasing revelation, sharing the anointing and showing us how to press in for the more we long for, and know God has purposed to release.

Simply put, we know God has promised to reveal Himself and pour out His Holy Spirit on those who are hungry for Him and will seek His Face. We believe that as we give Him time in which He gets to set the agenda, He does: and it’s then that things really start to happen. There are just no words to describe how awesome it is when God visits His people with His manifest Presence and Glory. There’s REALITY as He speaks the revelation of His Living Word deep into our spirits. He heals up the broken-hearted and releases His Kingdom Power on the earth. We’re getting ruined for anything else!

For information about the Burn here in Durham, and details of upcoming events, see our page here.

If you'd like to know more about the Burn as a global movement visit the Burn 24/7 website here.


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